Paris Gathering

October 20th-23rd 2017

£1,100.00 (1,300.00€) / including accommodation for three nights + traditional french breakfasts and dinners, catering to each person’s dietary needs. 

I partnered with American photographer, Henry Lohmeyer ( to run this gathering. During 3 days we walked the streets of Paris, from the obvious ones to some secret hideaways, taking photos, and gathered at the end of each day to talk about the experience and the photos that were shot. We talked about the word CHOICES, what it meant for each of us, how we wanted to express it through photography. Henry and I were there to guide the group through technical tips and suggestions of approaches. This gathering was mostly to help the participants build confidence with their photography, helping them to find a voice through their images, whilst experiencing the beauty and charm of Paris. 

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