June 7th-11th 2018



Dean Dorat

Dean was trained as a still life photographer, but her heart is in taking photos of moments, involving people—old and young souls. Dean loves shooting portraits, events, or documenting stories. What touches her in photography is to be able to see and capture an instant, a moment that touches her deeply, that resonates with her own story, whether it is conscious or subconscious. From working with Ben Harper and Carleen Anderson, to being assigned to shoot backstage at various Paul Smith’s fashion shows in both Paris and London, through professional assignments and personal projects, Dean comes across incredible stories, unforgettable people, always feeling so humbled at the privilege of capturing the essence of a moment.

Henry Lohmeyer

Henry uses his lens to capture the edges of vulnerability, where heart meets soul and the courage to be seen is the only thing left waiting. A seasoned photographer, Henry’s learned his craft by wandering the streets of St. Louis, Los Angeles, NYC and most recently Paris, France for three months, where the stories of men arriving from Afghanistan and elsewhere illuminates for all of us just how fragile it is, this notion we hold of “home.”

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